Ralph W. Sparks American Legion Post 336

July 2022 Revised Standing Rules 

(Presented to and Approved By The General Membership on July 18, 2022)


⦁ The regular scheduled meeting of American Legion Post 336, Inc., shall be held on the 3rd Monday of each month, unless otherwise specified and shall be called to order at 7:00 pm. An Executive Committee meeting shall be held the 2nd Thursday of each month unless otherwise specified and shall be called to order at 5:00 pm.

⦁ Seven (7) members of this Post shall constitute a quorum at any regularly scheduled meeting of the Post.

⦁ The annual membership dues of the Post shall be $40.00 to include Department and National per capita.

⦁ Elected Officers of the Post consisting of, Commander, Finance Officer, 1st Vice Commander, 2nd Vice Commander are authorized to sign checks for the disbursement of Funds from the Post treasury. All checks must have two (2) of the above signatures.

⦁ All members responsible for handling funds shall be bonded. 

⦁ No member or Officer shall be eligible for reimbursement of purchases made prior to being given authorization from the General Membership or Executive Committee and will provide a dated receipt. 

⦁ Annual Election: 

a. A Nominating Committee of three (3) Members and the Judge Advocate shall be elected by the members at the February meeting for the purpose of presenting a slate of officers for the ensuing year. The committee must secure the permission of each candidate for an office prior to making an official notice. 

a. Any member in good standing who is out of the area by 100-mile radius may request an absentee ballot. This may be done by request by mail / email, or a hand delivered letter to the Adjutant, on or before the April Meeting. After nominations are closed at April Meeting, ballots will be printed and mailed with a special envelope. Absentee Members will mail their completed ballot to the Post 336 post office box, addressed to the Adjutant. These ballots shall be opened publicly at the time the ballots are counted. 

a. Polls will be open from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM on the day of the May General Membership Meeting. Ballots will be given to identified voting members only. Monitoring of balloting shall be supervised by two (2) members of the Executive Committee, who will attend all times. The Commander shall appoint the Judge Advocate and three (3) Tellers from the floor to tabulate ballots. Nominees for the office of Commander may appoint one (1) member to monitor the tabulating process. The tabulated results of the Ballots shall be presented to the Adjutant who, in turn, will present the results to the floor. 

⦁ Life Membership may be awarded to those who have done an outstanding job over and above their appointed or elected positions. This may be done by resolution by any member in good standing and passed by a two-thirds vote of the members present. 

⦁ The Post recognizes an auxiliary organization whose membership shall be prescribed by the National Constitution of the American Legion Auxiliary. 

⦁ The Post recognizes a Sons of the American Legion whose membership shall be prescribed by the National Constitution of the Sons of the American Legion.

⦁ Reciprocity: N Ft. Myers Post 336 of the American Legion does not recognize any other veteran’s service organizations that have been chartered by the Congress of the United States as not for profit Veteran Service Organizations. However, those members who are in good standing in the British or Canadian Legions shall have Post privileges, in accordance with Post By-laws, House Rules and the beverage laws of the State of Florida. British and Canadian Legion Members or their kin cannot become members of any of the Four Families of this Post 336 unless they qualify under the rules of the American Legion. The only exception to this rule is that British or Canadian Legion Members may become Support Members of the Legion Riders, without voting privileges, if they meet all other requirements for membership in the Riders.

⦁ Guest Policy for admittance of non-members to this Post:

⦁ Definition of Eligibility: The guest of a member is defined as any person who is a close friend, a relative or significant other of a member in good standing in the American, British or Canadian Legions. Eligible Guests admitted to this Post shall abide by all rules pertaining to the operation of a Private Club. It is the responsibility of their sponsoring member to assure that they fully understand and conform to the policies of this Post including these Standing Rules and Bar, Lounge and Deck Rules.

⦁ Purpose: The sole purpose of admitting a guest is to provide a qualified guest with a firsthand experience of what the American Legion and its Families are all about. 

⦁ Sign-In: All guests must be signed in (printed name, and date) at the door of the Post in the Guest Logbook. Only a sponsoring member in good standing may sign in a guest and he or she shall print and sign his or her name next to the guest’s name(s) in the Guest Logbook. Guests must depart when the “host” member leaves.

⦁ Number of Guests: A member in good standing as defined above, may sponsor a maximum of three (3) qualifying guests per day. The sponsoring member is completely responsible for the conduct of his or her guest(s).

⦁ Purchases: No guest may purchase food or drink at this Post. Only the patron member who is sponsoring the guest may make purchases for his guests.

⦁ Prior Members: Prior Members who are no longer in Good Standing in the American Legion, British or Canadian Legions cannot be signed in as a Guest by another member.

⦁ Deviations: Any deviations from the above policy must be presented in advance to and approved by the E-Board on a case-by-case basis. Any member found violating this Guest Policy will be subject to Disciplinary Action.

⦁ Membership and Membership Cards:

⦁ These requirements pertain to Renewing Members, New Member applicants and Existing Member Transfers for TAL, AUX and SAL. 

⦁ TAL Membership Process:

⦁ Any person, renewing their membership, applying as a New Member or Transferring from another American Legion are cautioned that each of these processes are not instantaneous regardless, if they pay their dues in person, by mail, or online. 

⦁ All New Member and Transfer applicants must complete in full the appropriate application and present proof of dues payment along with a copy of their DD214 and submit this information for processing. There are no exceptions to these requirements. 

⦁ Processing aka Vetting consists of the following steps:

⦁ Preliminary Vetting by the Membership Chairman to check that all applications are completed properly and that the supporting documents are acceptable.

⦁ Upon passing the Preliminary Vetting Process Potential New Members and Potential Transfers are presented to the General Membership (GM) for approval at the next regularly scheduled General Membership Meeting.

⦁ Following approval by the GM:

⦁ New Member Cards will be issued by the Adjutant generally within a few days of the approval meeting. 

⦁ Transfers will be further processed as required by the Department of Florida. Following the approval by the GM the adjutant will submit the Transferring individual’s application to the Department. The Department will Transfer the individual to Post 336. Once accomplished the Membership Chairman will issue a Membership Card to the transferred member.

⦁ All Membership Cards expire at midnight, December 31st of any given membership year. 

⦁ Any member wishing to renew his or her membership in Post 336 for the coming year must do so prior to his or her card expiring in order to maintain Post access and Canteen Privileges.

⦁ Paid membership dues receipts are not equivalent to actual Membership Cards and will not be used as such for Post access or Canteen Privileges.

⦁ Current Membership Cards must be presented at any time to any challenging officer of this Post and to the on-duty Bartender.

  • Parking:

⦁ Vehicles are defined as motorized vehicles such as cars, trucks, Motor Cycles, motorhomes, and SUVs. Parking of such vehicles at Post 336 is limited to the defined paved parking slots or the open grassed lot behind Biker Bay. 

⦁ There shall be no parking along the entrance road isles located along the north, east and west portions of the front parking lot. These areas are kept open to provide adequate access for Emergency and Post service vehicles. 

⦁ Golf Carts and small ATV’s only shall park along the graveled west side entrance to the side and rear of the Post building all the way back to the rear fence. However, these exceptions shall not park along the southerly or easterly grassed areas in the rear of the Post, nor shall they block access to the side or rear of the Post Building.  These vehicles are encouraged to park as close as possible to each other to maximize the number of such vehicles able to use this parking area.

⦁ All qualified guests are encouraged to carpool with other qualified guests and members to minimize the impacts on the existing parking facilities described above.

⦁ Bar, Lounge and Outside Deck Rules:

⦁ The Post Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, Bar Manager, and bartenders on duty are the only authorized personnel permitted behind the bar without the expressed permission of the bartender on duty. Permission may be given to others, on a case by case one time basis to perform a specific task or function under the direct supervision of one of the above authorized personnel.

⦁ No Legion business shall be discussed at the inside or outside bars.

⦁ Members who choose not to attend a General Membership Meeting must leave the Post Property during the duration of the Meeting.

⦁ No one may bring food, alcohol or beverages of any kind from offsite into the Post, lounge or onto the outside Deck or consume such food, alcohol or beverages on Post property at any time. The only exception is when side dishes are requested for an event.

⦁ No one may take alcoholic beverages from the premises at any time.

⦁ The Post Lounge shall be operated in accordance with State and local laws as covered by the American Legion By-Laws and all licensing regulations. Some of which include:

⦁ Minors: No one under the age of 21 (Minor) will be served alcoholic beverages under any circumstances. No member or guest may give an alcoholic beverage to anyone under the age of 21. While at the Post, minors shall be under the direct supervision of their guardians at all times. Minors are never permitted to be seated at the bar. Minors must leave the Post by 9:00 pm.

⦁ Animals on Premises: 

⦁ No dogs or other pets are allowed except Service Dogs, which are dogs individually trained to perform specific tasks for people with disabilities and specifically recognized by the DVA and ADA to do so. Service dogs are working animals, not pets. It is incumbent upon the disabled person to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his or her Service Dog was legitimately provided to them, by or through the DVA or ADA and meets all the requirements to be classified as a Service Dog assigned to the disabled person. The disabled person is responsible for the behavior of their dog at all times.

⦁ Emotional Support Animals are not considered Service Dog Animals and are thereby Prohibited inside the Post and on the Deck.

⦁ Appeals to the above can be made to the E-board. An appeal must be made in writing along with copies of all documentation supporting the appellant’s case. The appeal and associated documents shall be put in the Legion Box by the appellant which is located on the wall of the Post just inside the front door. The case will be reviewed by the E-board at the next scheduled meeting. The E-board’s decision will be considered final.

⦁ Use of Illegal Drugs, Substances or Medical Marijuana: The use of illegal drugs anywhere on American Legion Post 336 property is strictly forbidden. Also, as per Florida Law, the smoking of Medical Marijuana in Public is illegal and is therefore forbidden anywhere on this Post’s property.

⦁ Weapons: No lethal weapon of any type, concealed, with or without a concealed carry permit, or openly carried, may be brought into the Post Building including all Canteen areas and the outside deck of Post 336, except by on duty law enforcement officers.

⦁ Conduct:

⦁ Loud, boisterous, profane language, threatening remarks or racists remarks will not be tolerated on Post property or at any American Legion sanctioned event. First offense: a verbal warning, Second offense: Ejection from the lounge and or event.

⦁ Fighting on Post property or at any American Legion sanctioned event will not be tolerated. (Fighting is defined as a mutual combat/mutual physical altercation between 2 or more individuals). Members and /or guests shall be suspended for a minimum of 60 days unless it can be proven without a reasonable doubt that one or more of the combatants clearly acted in self-defense.

⦁ Battery on Post property or at any American Legion sanctioned event will not be tolerated. (Battery is defined as any actual pushing or striking of another individual against the will of that individual).

⦁ Post Dress Code:

⦁ Members and guests must be neatly and appropriately dressed. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. 

⦁ Any clothing deemed inappropriate by the management is not permitted. This would include clothing that is overly suggestive or revealing, vulgar or offensive, in a state of disrepair or appears to be in bad taste. 

⦁ Enforcement of Bar, Lounge and Outside Deck Rules:

⦁ The bartender and or bar manager on duty shall have authority to enforce the rules while on duty and may eject anyone for misconduct or violation of these rules. Members shall have the right to appeal to the Executive Committee. 

⦁ The safety of all members and guests are the responsibility of the bartender on duty. It is also the duty of all Post Officers to assist the bartender on duty in the enforcement of all rules.

⦁ Anyone who issues a complaint against any other person for any reason shall make the complaint in writing and date and sign the complaint. The signed complaint shall be put into the Legion Box located on the wall of the Post by the writer. The Adjutant will present the complaint to the Eboard Officers for final resolution.

⦁ Private Club: Ralph W. Sparks American Legion Post 336 is a Private Club for Members and their Eligible and Qualified Guests only as defined elsewhere in this document and therefore, must operate as such and adhere to all State, Federal and Local Rules pertaining thereto. Ralph W. Sparks American Legion Post 336 is not open to the General Public.